Light and hope




Lights will guide you home..”

                        As the very famous band Coldplay says it, Lights do guide us. They ignite hope in our lives of endless troubles, and they help us push through the darkest of times.

        We tend to associate darkness with light, because if it doesn’t get dark, why shall we use light? Therefore, doesn’t it become necessary for darkness in our lives to prevail, so that we shall discover our strength, our capabilities, our abilities to cross the storm to get to the rainbow? Doesn’t darkness become a prerequisite for light?

                           During a storm, and during dark times, we must have faith that we shall make it to the rainbow, and we shall discover a light, that this too shall pass, and what comes next shall come. This light is not necessarily discovered in our surroundings, or in other people, it can, and most often is, discovered within oneself. For we are the our beginning, and we are our end, and we are what comes between.







Author: harjyotkaurblog

I am a bibliophile and pretty much have xenagorabibliomania. I love movies and theatre. I'm all about music. Nature lover. Photographer.

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