Time, my darling,
        if only there were time..
        time to cherish the moments being lived,
        and the moments that reside in our memory,
        time to smile at life,
        and at the beauty in it..
        Time to laugh with our loved ones,
         and embrace every second of their love and presence,
         time to return that love,
         and to feel completely blessed..
         Time to look up at the beautiful sky,
          and keep gazing at it’s amazing wonder,
          time to feel the embrace of the beautiful night,
          and to see the stars twinkling at us..
         Time to know and accept your flaws,
         and time to love yourself,
         time to bend the laws,
         and not follow them just because..
         Time to do that and to do this,
         time to be here and to be there..
         Time, for ourselves.
          Time, if only we had time..

Author: harjyotkaurblog

I am a bibliophile and pretty much have xenagorabibliomania. I love movies and theatre. I'm all about music. Nature lover. Photographer.

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