Good byes are hard. When it’s a loved one you have to say good-bye to, it’s never easy; because you want them to stay, you want them to not leave. On the inside you’re thinking you should do something, or something should magically happen so that you don’t have to face that harsh moment, and even if it makes you a bit selfish, you’re okay, because at least you get more time with your loved one. Well, that’s okay. Yes, wanting to keep someone to yourself when they wish otherwise is selfish, but you only want them to stay because they matter. And you have no idea how you should tell them to not go, because you just can’t. If the other person had to choose, he would have chosen you a long time ago, and he would not be standing outside your house at the moment. He would be in it, hugging you and promising to you that he’ll never let you go.
But stop. Think. Why should it be hard for you to say good-bye to someone who didn’t choose you; someone who didn’t put you in the first place, like you put him? Why should you be so afraid to live the moment that might as well turn around your entire life for good? They say that in order to get something, you have to lose something. Well, isn’t there a possibility that this is necessary, that experiencing each and every moment of this situation is important, that getting through, powering through will get you exactly where you want to be, and where you were meant to be? It is also said that destiny always takes you right where you are supposed to be. So, if it is destiny that brought you here, it will be destiny that will take you somewhere. So, doesn’t it become important to live through each second of that moment, so that you realize that this is where it all ended, and this is also where it all started. That one good-bye, that one hard, painful moment of good-bye, that loud thunder before the rain; the rain that is a new start, the rain that will make it better, the rain that will beautify every moment hereafter.
So, get up, open that door and see him out. Live every moment as he sits in the car, and drives away. Do not look away, do not break down, for this is how you get through it. This is how you make it.

Author: harjyotkaurblog

I am a bibliophile and pretty much have xenagorabibliomania. I love movies and theatre. I'm all about music. Nature lover. Photographer.

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