Holding on or letting go?


One question that I’ve always found to bother me is who is stronger, the one who keeps holding on tightly, in the name of hope, or the one who lets everything go, not knowing what lies ahead.
I mean to address this question in context to life and death, or rather continuing to live, or committing suicide. Suicide, is a word that is not so uncommon these days. Why? It is because our lives have become so complex and situations tend to get out of control. But wait, is it that our lives have become complex, or that we have made them?
In today’s first moving world, the biggest driving or motivating force is competing. It is a natural desire within all of us to be better than the rest, to be the best and beat everybody else. This being the biggest driving force is so commonly found everywhere, you would find competition between kids belonging to 1st grade, because we are taught from the very beginning that this world is competitive. It is, and it’s not a bad thing that it is. It should be, but to that extent where the minds of people get so pressurised that they feel ending their lives is the only way out? Certainly not.

Getting back to the question, when things get out of hand, when we are in a situation from which it is getting harder and harder to escape, should we choose to not give up and keep looking, or should we choose to end it all at once? Which option makes us stronger? To be honest, I’ve felt that both of these options require a huge amount of courage. Trying to make things better, to make them work and having faith and hope in various complex situations that life puts in front of us requires just as much strenght and courage as deciding to quit, and to end everything. After all, we are afraid of death just as much as we are afraid of living.
Both of these being equally courageous decisions for me does not mean that I am promoting suicide, or asking people to let go if that is what they feel like. I am just trying to express my disbelief in the statement “People who commit suicide are cowardly.” How can this statement be true, or false? Who are we to have opinion about a situation that we weren’t even in? Nobody. So, how can we say that they are cowardly? Have we been there? No.
As easy as an answer it may seem to the complexity of life, it is not. It never was.
Yes, I agree that there are many times in our lives when we want to give up, but all I want to say is that is not the only option we have. In all the situations, no matter how grave, there is always a way out. It takes a while to find that way, but believe me, it is always there, and it always has been. You just need to be patient enough. Because there is always a bright day around the corner, there is always a chance of rainbow showing itself after a massive storm. There is always hope.

But of course, people think differently. If you have any opinions that you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment.



Hope, what is it?

Is it a beam of light in a completely dark room,
Or is it something that will even in your bad times make you bloom?
Maybe something which we call a ‘way’,
Or maybe the the thought of a bright and cheerful day?
Maybe the feeling that you are going to be okay,
Or maybe the thought that you can be the star of the day?
Maybe the sight of the sun sparkling at you in the heaviest rain,
or maybe the remedy that will take away all your pain?
Maybe the stars twinkling at you,
or maybe the moon smiling at you?
Maybe the brightness of the fresh green meadows,
or maybe your crush waving at you?



The bliss of your touch,
is all that I crave,
The beauty of your body,
is the only thing that’s perfect.
The brightness in your eyes
makes the darkness in mine fade away,
and the joy in your smile
makes me forget all pain.
Your warmth, your love,
your care, your existence
are all that I desire.
Drunk in your love,
I crave for more,
until I can’t love anymore,
Hungover by your warmth,
I don’t wish to move on,
and stay forever in your arms.
You fill the red in my black and white life,
you are my fantasy.
You are all I think about all the time,
just stay here with me..

The Bumpy Road

At some point in our life, we have all fallen down. Walking on the bumpy road of life, full of ups and downs, confusing curves and risky turns, we fall down at one point or the other. And we don’t just fall once, we fall many times. The road is made that way, to make you fall. When you’re down, you may not get the concept of life, you may even curse it, which is pretty natural. Sometimes, we just lose it, sometimes, it just becomes hard to believe in living anymore, and we tend to doubt the point of our existence.
But the road of life is bumpy for a reason, and it’s not just your path that is this confusing. Everybody has it this way. These bumps, these ups and downs, and these turns exist for a reason. They are our best teachers, because they provide experience. If you had never tripped over a bump, would you have known that you have the power to stand back up again? Would you have known to be careful the next time in avoiding such times? Of course you would. DId you learn? Yes, you did.

We sometimes feel others have it easier than us, which, I believe, is true. Some do have it easier than others. But why should that stop you? If you cover your path with twice as much bumps, and reach the same place as the one who had it easy, who is the winner? You are, because you were able to reach the same place, and you were able to overcome twice as much difficulties, which makes you the stronger one. That is something to be proud of. In some cases, these bumps even take us higher than others. What we must keep in mind is that eventually, there is no easy way to the end of the road, or the achievement of your goal. You’re gonna fall, you’re gonna trip, you might even stop for a while, wanting to give up.
This very moment, where you have to decide whether to get back up, and reach the end of the road, or whether to give up and go back, this defines who you are, and this point, common to all paths, is the most crucial point, and determines the very purpose of the road. For if there had been no difficulties, and a choice between getting back up or giving up, we wouldn’t realise our purpose of existence, we wouldn’t realise how far we can go, and we wouldn’t realise the amount of strength and passion we have. This point, this crucial moment is to be savoured, because it might never come back. Some people fail to savour it, and get lost in their own paths.

Our paths consist of bumps, because had they been simple, and straight, we would never have realised our potential and what we can do. Then, we would have simply walked and reached the end of the road. Does the fruit taste better when it is given to you, or when you climb that tree and get it for yourself? Something to think about.


        Time, my darling,
        if only there were time..
        time to cherish the moments being lived,
        and the moments that reside in our memory,
        time to smile at life,
        and at the beauty in it..
        Time to laugh with our loved ones,
         and embrace every second of their love and presence,
         time to return that love,
         and to feel completely blessed..
         Time to look up at the beautiful sky,
          and keep gazing at it’s amazing wonder,
          time to feel the embrace of the beautiful night,
          and to see the stars twinkling at us..
         Time to know and accept your flaws,
         and time to love yourself,
         time to bend the laws,
         and not follow them just because..
         Time to do that and to do this,
         time to be here and to be there..
         Time, for ourselves.
          Time, if only we had time..

The Bliss Of Love

Have you ever loved someone so fiercely that you fail to love someone else as much?
Have you ever lost so much of your soul loving someone else, that you forget who you are?
Does true love even exist? I belive it does. I believe it is possible for us to fall in love, and to fall so hard, that it becomes hard to get up again. I believe it is possible for us to give a part of ourself to someone, that we may or may not get back. Otherwise, what’s the point? Just being attracted to someone and marrying them for the sake of it, is that the point? Certainly not. Love, love is the point. This is where it all begins. When you look at someone, and you know, when you look at that person and forget about all that is around you, when you look at someone and feel this is the person you keep looking at, that’s the very beginning. The beginning of a new story, the beginning of a new desire, and the beginning of a new adventure. After all, love really is an adventure, isn’t it?

As described by Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart in the movie ‘Casablanca’, love is a deep aching feeling for someone who may never be yours. How true. Once we are in love with someone, we are all about that person, so much so, that we fail to see how much it has changed us, how less of us it has made us.
For the one person we desire to share our soul with, for the one person we associate our happiness with, we try to become everything that they desire, we start doing things to make them happy, and we start loving life more.

Yes, it is the most beautiful feeling to love someone, to be able to want better things for someone else, and I believe all of those who have had the chance, and the opportunity to love someone are blessed, even if it resulted in heartbreak. Because it is the feeling of love that made you love yourself and others more, isn’t it? It’s the feeling of love that made you realise you had emotions within yourself that you were not even aware about. It’s love that taught you the importance of having those emotions, isn’t it?

Love, surely is a bliss. Some love stories result in heart breaks, some in happy endings.
Some people fail to be with their soul mate, and some get to grow old with them. In this indiscrimination, the feeling of love is not to be blamed, it is your situation. You can’t really hate the idea of love, because love is the beginning of everything that you see, and everything that you feel. Love is within all of you. Love is you.