The Bliss Of Love

Have you ever loved someone so fiercely that you fail to love someone else as much?
Have you ever lost so much of your soul loving someone else, that you forget who you are?
Does true love even exist? I belive it does. I believe it is possible for us to fall in love, and to fall so hard, that it becomes hard to get up again. I believe it is possible for us to give a part of ourself to someone, that we may or may not get back. Otherwise, what’s the point? Just being attracted to someone and marrying them for the sake of it, is that the point? Certainly not. Love, love is the point. This is where it all begins. When you look at someone, and you know, when you look at that person and forget about all that is around you, when you look at someone and feel this is the person you keep looking at, that’s the very beginning. The beginning of a new story, the beginning of a new desire, and the beginning of a new adventure. After all, love really is an adventure, isn’t it?

As described by Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart in the movie ‘Casablanca’, love is a deep aching feeling for someone who may never be yours. How true. Once we are in love with someone, we are all about that person, so much so, that we fail to see how much it has changed us, how less of us it has made us.
For the one person we desire to share our soul with, for the one person we associate our happiness with, we try to become everything that they desire, we start doing things to make them happy, and we start loving life more.

Yes, it is the most beautiful feeling to love someone, to be able to want better things for someone else, and I believe all of those who have had the chance, and the opportunity to love someone are blessed, even if it resulted in heartbreak. Because it is the feeling of love that made you love yourself and others more, isn’t it? It’s the feeling of love that made you realise you had emotions within yourself that you were not even aware about. It’s love that taught you the importance of having those emotions, isn’t it?

Love, surely is a bliss. Some love stories result in heart breaks, some in happy endings.
Some people fail to be with their soul mate, and some get to grow old with them. In this indiscrimination, the feeling of love is not to be blamed, it is your situation. You can’t really hate the idea of love, because love is the beginning of everything that you see, and everything that you feel. Love is within all of you. Love is you.


Light and hope




Lights will guide you home..”

                        As the very famous band Coldplay says it, Lights do guide us. They ignite hope in our lives of endless troubles, and they help us push through the darkest of times.

        We tend to associate darkness with light, because if it doesn’t get dark, why shall we use light? Therefore, doesn’t it become necessary for darkness in our lives to prevail, so that we shall discover our strength, our capabilities, our abilities to cross the storm to get to the rainbow? Doesn’t darkness become a prerequisite for light?

                           During a storm, and during dark times, we must have faith that we shall make it to the rainbow, and we shall discover a light, that this too shall pass, and what comes next shall come. This light is not necessarily discovered in our surroundings, or in other people, it can, and most often is, discovered within oneself. For we are the our beginning, and we are our end, and we are what comes between.







Along with writing and photography, I have another passion-travelling. Visiting new places, meeting new people, trying new things, learning about different cultures is what I am all about. I wish to have a travel book, where I record all my beautiful moments of all the different places. I believe travelling is to a soul what water is to thirst. The thought of filling the soul with memories, experiences, adventures is one that all the people admire.

         Travelling is something which can be enjoyed with company, like friends, family, and your partner, as well as with yourself. I usually would prefer to travel alone, because it would give me time to be with myself, and it would give me a break from people, which, I believe we all need at some point or the other. Imagine, you wandering in new places, by yourself, just enjoying the alluring moments and making pleasing memories.

      I believe travelling gets you into another world, a world where you can do anything you want, wander anywhere you like and whenever you like. It is a satisfaction that all must experience.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

                                          ~St. Augustine


Criticize. In this world where we encourage everybody to be positive, think positive and try to look for the good in all the situations, we forget to realize that criticism isn’t always bad. Where excessive criticism is unhealthy, and is an obstacle to solving problems as well as thinking creatively, criticism in a limited amount is necessary. I feel so because when we tend to criticize any basic event, or object, we discover it’s flaws or drawbacks, and being able to discover the drawbacks of anything means we can come up with solutions to make the situation, object, or event better. Of course, I believe that too much of criticism produces nothing but de-motivation, and there are some situations in which even limited criticism should be avoided, but completely thinking that criticism is irrelevant would not be the right way to go.

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An early morning shoot..

Apart from writing, I have always had a passion for photography. Maybe it is the thought of wanting to capture beautiful moments and beautiful things forever. So, I indulge myself in the beautiful moments and try to capture their beauty to the fullest. Here is a start..wordpress-needit

Daily Prompt: Tempted

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Tempted? The first thought that comes to my mind after seeing this word is chocolate. Nothing can tempt me as much as chocolate. It’s taste, it’s texture, just everything. Want me to do something for you? Get me chocolate. This is something my friends like to use very often, yeah. They just know that I can never say no to chocolate. I think I might go eat one now!