Writer’s Block

Many of us aspire to become writers. Many of us do become writers. It is always said that to be a good writer, you need to have a deep understanding of everything around you and you need to be able to express it beautifully in writing. Any one who understands the meaning of the world, and the depth of life but is not able to express it, or any one who can write but does not truly understand the depth of everything cannot be called a good writer. This is what I’ve been told, and I believe it to be true. A good writer comes with the entire package.

But this does not mean that a good writer does not face any challenges. Sometimes, a writer might get an urge to write something, anything, but he/she in not quite able to figure out what to write on. Or sometimes, in the middle of a story, a writer might get stuck trying to figure out where to take the story, because nothing is coming to his/her mind. This is writer’s block. It is a condition, one where a writer is not able to pen down his/her thoughts, and is not able to put forth their true expression about something. It is a documented problem.
Many professional writers have been a victim of this condition. These include Joseph Mitchell, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Herman Melville.
I can only imagine how frustrating it might be to have so much to say and so much to express, but not being able to do it. It would be like wanting to sing but being unable to produce a single sound. Although many causes of this condition exist, which include lack of internal as well as external motivation, failure in relationships, stress, physical deterioration, lack of inspiration, there are many treatments as well, some as simple as group discussions, brainstorming, clustering and some as complicated as writing questions for a writer to enable their writing expression to flow.


Writer’s block is a serious condition, and it is not to be considered failing to understand what to write on on one, maybe two occasions. That is natural. Writer’s block is a rather prolonged problem, which can ruin the careers of the most popular writers if not attended to in time.